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Kitesurfing in Mexico – The Kiteboarders Dream!

Mexico has always been a popular vacation destination for Americans, Canadians and Europeans escaping the cold winters. Kitesurfing is becoming a more and more popular sport throughout the world allowing people to travel with a purpose and as part of a community. Being warm, sunny and windy, Mexico is becoming a top destination for kiteboarding holidays.


Join a camp, take some lessons or simply stay in a beautiful beachfront accommodation and enjoy a week or two of kiteboarding in paradise. The coast of Mexico is large with many amazing spots to explore and enjoy. Here are a few worth mentioning:




Best flat water spots




Isla Blanca


Isla Blanca is the best flatwater spot and one of the most popular kiteboarding destinations in Mexico, located 45 mins north of Cancun. The saltwater lagoon stretches 10 miles with knee-waist deep water offering amazing flatwater conditions in any wind direction. The lagoon is full of freestyle riders working on their tricks and is perfect for beginners. The season lasts from November until June. The lagoon is a nature reserve filled with flamingos, pelicans and other exotic birds and animals.


Choose from a variety of accommodation options including B&B, camping or a 5 star hotel. Take lessons from a local kite school and relax in the evenings around a campfire with other kiters from around the world.






Isla Holbox


Isla Holbox is a 12km long by 1.5km wide sandbar island off the north coast of Yucatan accessible by ferry from Chiquila. The season runs from November-May with super flat water which can become choppy when the strong north winds blow. The island is small, mostly known for fishing is separated from the mainland by a lagoon home to many species of exotic birds.


A great place for a relaxing kite holiday, beginner lessons and packages available here.




El Cuyo


El Cuyo is a small fishing village located about 2 hours northeast of Cancun, with flat shallow waters great for learning. As the wind picks up the water can become choppy/wavy. The season goes from February-July with winds ranging between 15-25 knots.




Best wave spots for kiteboarding






Tulum is also located on the Yucatan Peninsula about 2 hours south of Cancun. About 800m offshore is a reef creating a great surfing spot with waves up to 5m. Between the reef and shore is flat/choppy water depending on the wind speed. The best season to visit Tulum is December-May. Depending on the wind direction, downwinders are possible and an amazing way to enjoy the waves.


Join in on a kite camp as a beginner or advanced rider with boat assisted downwinders, progression sessions in freestyle or wave riding or beginner private lessons. Alternatively stay in beachfront accommodations and enjoy a relaxing independent holiday.


Click here to read more about Mexico kitesurf hotspots



Los Barriles


Los Barriles is located about 1 hour south of La Ventana on the Baja California Sur. It is home to one of the best wave breaks on the west coast of America. The wave is a short break meaning it is a sandy bottom making it a safe place to learn and progress in wave riding. The season is from November-March, a perfect compliment to the North American season.


This is a great opportunity to sign up for a week-long wave camp to learn how to safely and confidently ride waves and improve your riding skills. Get real-time feedback with two-way radio helmets and boat assisted sessions.




kiteboarding mexico the best spots



Best places for learning and Beginner Riders



La Ventana


La Ventana is located in the south of the Baja California Sur. The L-shaped bay with side on shore winds make it a safe place for learning as no matter what happens you are always blown back to the beach. The water is flat/choppy depending on the wind speed, perfect for learning with multiple schools to choose from. The season lasts from November-March and is a popular destination for Canadians and Americans who drive down for the winter.


Sign up for a kite a yoga camp, a perfect combination of action, adventure, relaxation and stretching or lodge in a 5 star beachfront accommodation and enjoy an amazing kiteboarding holiday.



Isla Blanca


Isla Blanca is also a great location to learn kiteboarding because of the flat and shallow water. The lagoon has lots of space to practice away from other kiters and it suitable for riding in any wind direction. Schools in other locations such as Playa del Carmen bring their students to Isla Blanca when the winds get too strong because the water stays flat/choppy no matter what the wind speed, waves never form.


Choose from a variety of kite schools and learning packages. Relax and unwind in the evenings and enjoy the peace and quiet of Isla Blanca.



Best nightlife and party


Mexico, Cancun, in particular, is known for its parties and nightlife though not all of Mexico lives up to that reputation. Spots such as La Ventana, Los Barriles, and Isla Holbox are peaceful, secluded locations with not much nightlife but great for a relaxing holiday. Playa del Carmen is a great place for party goers with the bars and nightclubs just one block back from the beach. Kite all day and party all night. Since Isla Blanca is only 45 mins from Cancun, staying in the Cancun hotel zone could be a good choice for a party holiday.



Adventure and explore


The Yucatan Peninsula is full of adventure and places to explore. Join a SUP tour, swim in a cenote (an underwater river/cave), visit Mayan ruins, explore the sea life on a dive or snorkel, swim with the whale sharks on Isla Holbox or visit the pink lakes of Los Coloradas. If you are visiting La Ventana or Las Barriles, go on a mountain bike tour, try surfing in El Cerrito, swim with the whale sharks in La Paz or take a yoga class at one of the local hotels.




Other spots:


There are many more kitesurfing spots other than those listed above. On the Pacific coast, you have a kite in La Ventosa, San Carlos, Puerto Vallarta and Bucerias. Spots along the Gulf Coast include Costa Esmeralda and Tampico. Playa del Carmen and El Cuyo are spots in Yucatan along with Isla Blanca and Tulum.


Keep Mexico in mind for your next kiteboarding holiday, especially for those who dread the winter!





Kiteboarding Lessons in Mexico

Mexico is warm, sunny and windy making it a great winter getaway destination with great kiteboarding. There are plenty of spots to choose from for both beginners and advanced riders. While learning to kitesurf, it’s essential to take lessons for your own safety as well as the safety of others.


Lessons though are not only for beginners. As an independent kiteboarder, learning something new is a great way to keep the sports fun and challenging. Learn a new discipline such as riding strapless, riding on a foil board or learn some new tricks on your twin tip.






Beginner Lessons



Isla Blanca


Isla Blanca is ideal for learning as the kiteboarding spot is a huge flatwater lagoon. The shallow flat water makes learning easier and allows students slightly more freedom. The lagoon is largely giving students lots of space to practice without worrying about other kiters.



El Cuyo


El Cuyo offers one of the longest seasons and best wind conditions in Mexico. Consistent and reliable wind are a very important part of learning so you can progress day after day without waiting for wind. The wind blows from February to July from 18-23 knots almost every day. The beaches are empty with minimal obstacles or people to worry about and the water is waist to chest deep- perfect for learning.



La Ventana


La Ventana is great for beginners, though the water is colder than the southern spots in Mexico requiring a 4/3mm wetsuit. The conditions are flat/choppy. The combination of the wind speed and shape of the bay make the perfect learning location as no matter what happens you will end up onshore. The kiteboarding schools in Mexico have jet ski assistance and rescue for any emergencies.





Tulum is located 2 hours south of Cancun with perfect wind for kiteboarding from December-May. There is a reef break about 800m offshore which protects the area between the beach and the reef leaving the water flat/choppy, excellent conditions for learning.



kite surfing lessons in mexico

Learning to jump in Mexico



Advanced Lessons



La Ventana


Schools in La Ventana offer amazing opportunities for not only learning from the beginning but also improving and progressing your skills for advanced riders. The bay is long offering the opportunity for downwinders. Downwinders are the perfect way to master new skills without the worry of staying upwind where you started your session.


Choose between a guided downwinder with an instructor or just a downwind shuttle where you can practice on your own. Having a ride-along instructor is awesome for learning new tricks or to ride waves so you have someone to watch and learn from.





Tulum is also a great beach for boat assisted downwinders. There is a reef about 800m offshore offering flat water close to the beach and a reef break offshore, that waves can grow up to 5m! Take a kiteboarding lesson with a pro freestyle rider or try a boat-assisted downwinder while you learn to ride the waves.



Isla Blanca


Isla Blanca is home to a huge flat, saltwater lagoon, amazing for freestyle riders. Take a lesson from an experienced rider and push your skills to the next level. The lagoon has plenty of space so you can be comfortable learning new tricks away from other riders and it is kiteable in any wind direction.


Mexico has kitesurfing lessons for everyone no matter what skill level you are. Learn from the beginning, try something new or push your skills to a new level.




Kitesurfing in Cancun Mexico

Cancun is a city on the Yucatan Peninsula bordering the Caribbean Sea. Cancun is a popular tourist destination known for its wild nightlife and all-inclusive resorts and for its university spring break parties. The beaches in Cancun itself are crowded with people and not suitable for kiteboarding, though there are numerous spots surrounding Cancun with amazing wind and kitesurfing conditions. Here is a list of spots accessible for kitesurfing near Cancun Mexico:



Isla Blanca: 45 mins North of Cancun


Isla Blanca is the most popular spot to kite from Cancun. The conditions are dreamy for freestyle riders with a 10 mile, flat water lagoon with knee to waist deep water. The wind blows from November- March around 20-25 knots. Isla Blanca is a nature reserve so the nightlife is non-existent, but for those wanting to party, Cancun is close by and lively every night. Lessons and accommodation are available here.







Isla Holbox: 2 hours Northwest of Cancun


Isla Holbox is 12km long and 1.5km wide accessible by ferry from Chiquila. The island is separated from the mainland by a lagoon home to flamingos and other exotic birds and animals. The best wind is from November-May. The water is mostly shallow and flat suitable for both beginners and advanced riders. Both lessons and accommodation are available on the island.



Progreso: 3.5 hours Northwest of Cancun


Progreso is one of the windiest places in Mexico with the strongest winds from November-March. The water is shallow until about 100m out with a small shorebreak with small waves and chop depending on the speed of the wind. The north wind can be strong which creates bigger waves. You can view dolphins, go snorkeling or diving and visit beautiful cenotes when the wind isn’t blowing. Lessons and accommodation are available here.



El Cuyo: 2 hours Northwest of Cancun


El Cuyo offers one of the longest seasons for kitesurfing around Cancun Mexico. The season goes from February- July with winds around 18-23 knots. The water is shallow with lots of open space and uncrowded beaches perfect for downwinders and for learning. The water is generally flat, but the strong north winds can bring choppy/wavy conditions. Lessons and accommodation are available here.



Playa del Carmen: 1.5 hours South of Cancun


December-May is the best time to visit Playa del Carmen and is of the most popular kite spots in the Mayan Riviera. This spot has been a stop for the PKRA and has crystal clear, flat water and a short break depending on the wind speed and direction. Accommodation and lessons are available here.






Tulum: 2 hours South of Cancun


The best time to visit Tulum is December-May. With a reef 800m offshore this is an amazing wave riding spot with waves up to 5m. The reef shelters the area close to the beach from swell creating flat/choppy water making it also a great place for learning. The winds blow around 12-25 knots. There are accommodation and lessons available here.



Cozumel: 3 hours South of Cancun


Cozumel is an island just South of Cancun. The best time for kitesurfing is from December to May and the island is also popular for diving and fishing. There are great waves spots to visit for downwinders and lessons and accommodation available.


In general, the kitesurfing spots around Cancun Mexico are shallow with flat/choppy conditions. About every two weeks a strong wind blows from the North up to 30 knots for 2-3 days straight.


This can create very choppy conditions and big waves to almost all the spots along the coast. During the North wind days a shorty wetsuit is recommended because the air is cold but the rest of the time no wetsuit is needed. The conditions at the Isla Blanca lagoon are still great as the water stays shallow and flat/choppy even in the strongest winds.




Kitesurfing in La Ventana Mexico

La Ventana is a beautiful and unique destination on the southern tip of the Baja California Sur. With crystal clear, turquoise waters, a stunning mountain backdrop in the middle of the desert surrounded by cactus forests it is a place like nowhere else. The kitesurfing season in La Ventana, Mexico begins in November until March- the perfect compliment to the Northern kiteboarding season. During the season you will find many Canadians and Americans chasing the wind as it moves south and escaping the cold winter.



kiteboarding in La Ventana, Mexico



Kitesurfing Conditions


La Ventana is a big L-shaped bay with side onshore winds ensuring that no matter what happens you are always blown back to the beach and not out to sea. This makes it a very suitable location for beginners and a very safe location for all riders. The water is flat/choppy where the wind blows side shore and near the end of the bay when the wind starts to blow onshore small waves will form.


The temperatures are hot and sunny though it gets chilly at night. The water temperature is colder than those in southern Mexico- a 4/3mm wetsuit is recommended in the early/late season and during mid-season, a shorty or 3/2mm will do. The wind speed varies between 7m-12m kites.



Kiteboarding Schools


There are many kitesurfing schools in Mexico to choose from many of which offer storage right on the kite spot so you don’t have to worry about leaving your gear in the car.




No Wind Activities


Yoga is a popular no wind activity, classes are held for around 150 pesos. Enjoy stand up paddleboarding, kayaking or snorkeling in the mornings before the wind picks up and the water is still flat, rent a mountain bike or join a mountain bike tour, go for a hike and explore the cactus forests or relax and have a professional massage.


Take a day trip to La Paz to swim with the whale sharks or go for a surf in El Cerrito. Todos Santos is a short drive away home to the famous Hotel California with small shops, cafes and local artists. La Ventana doesn’t have much nightlife, relax and have a drink with other travelers after a long day on the water and have an early night for another windy day.



Where to Stay


Budget travelers can stay in campgrounds or even better in accommodation right on the kite spot. La Ventana is the perfect holiday destination for kiteboarders beginner and advanced. The laid back and friendly atmosphere will make you feel at home with like-minded travelers and friendly locals. Spend a week, a month or the whole winter for an amazing holiday.




Visit the Best Kitesurfing Spots in Mexico

Mexico has always been a popular winter getaway destination. All inclusive beachfront resorts combined with hot sunny weather bring a herd of American tourists each year escaping the cold North. Mexico is an amazing country to explore, rich in culture, history and fascinating landscapes.


Explore wild-western desert in the north, the white sand beaches and Mayan ruins in the south and experience traditional festivities and ancient architecture throughout the country. Mexico is not lacking vibrant nightlife with nightclubs, parties and music.


Kiteboarding is a growing sport in Mexico with more and more people visiting with watersports in mind each year. Mexico has a lot of coast bringing a ton of great kitesurfing spots throughout the country. Here are some of the best kitesurfing spots Mexico:



best kiteboarding spots mexico

Amazing wind and perfect views along the Mexican coast



Isla Blanca: November-June


Isla Blanca is located in Yucatan on the eastern tip of Mexico (about 25 mins North of Cancun). The flatwater lagoon is large and shallow- about waist deep, making at the perfect place to learn as well as progress in freestyle. The lagoon is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, which is also kiteable and any wind direction is suitable for riding. Isla Blanca is very peaceful and a perfect getaway from the partying and all inclusive resorts in Cancun.


Other activities include snorkeling kayaking, day trips to Cancun, SUP, a trip to the El Meco ruins or to Isla Mujeres.



La Ventana: November-March


La Ventana is located at the South of the Baja California Sur surrounded with stunning and unique landscapes. The water is a deep turquoise blue with a mountain backdrop in the middle of a white sand desert and cactus forest. Unlike the south of Mexico, the water is cold enough to require a wetsuit (4/3mm is recommended though mid-season a shorty will do the trick). The spot is beginner friendly with flat water/chop that can turn into small waves when the wind blows strong.


There is not much nightlife in La Ventana, but some no wind activities include: swimming with whale sharks in La Paz, taking a yoga class, SUP, kayaking, go surfing in El Cerrito or join a mountain bike tour.



El Cuyo: February-July


El Cuyo is located on the northeast coast in Yucatan about 2 hours from Cancun. The conditions vary depending on the strength of the wind. The water is shallow and flat though as the wind increases it becomes choppy and can become large swell. The conditions are suitable for all levels and riding styles from surfing to freestyle and winds can range between 15-25 knots.


When you aren’t kiting enjoy SUP, watching the flamingos and manta rays, visit the pink lagoons in Las Coloradas, the Mayan ruins in Ek Balam or swim in the magnificent Samula cenote.





Playa del Carmen: December-May


Playa del Carmen is a beautiful beachside city in the heart of the Mayan Riviera about 45 mins south of Cancun. The water is crystal clear and most of the time flat. When the strong north winds come in the water becomes choppy and can become large waves. Conditions are suitable for beginners, though when the waves increase, it is recommended to go North to Isla Blanca.


For party goers, the bars and nightclubs are only a block away from the beach often with live music and parties. The ferry heading to Cozumel leaves from Playa del Carmen, or enjoy snorkeling, go on a jungle ATV tour, go fishing, skydiving or swim with the whale sharks.



Other spots:


Mexico is full of other great kitesurfing spots including: Progreso, Bucerias, Riviera Nayarit, Tulum, Cozumel, Los Barriles, Punta Abreojos, Puerto Vallarta, Salina Cruz, Costa Esmeralda, Ciudad del Carmen


Whether you are looking to relax, rejuvenate and explore or party all week long, Mexico has something for you.