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Kitesurfing in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Islands are home to some of the greatest kiteboarding conditions in the world. Since the islands are spread over a large area, different regions of the Caribbean have shorter and longer seasons with varying wind strengths and conditions. In general, the season starts in November and goes through until July, though on some islands such as Venezuela and Aruba the trade winds are kiteable throughout the entire year.


Bring your surfboard, foil or twin tip, the choice is yours! The Caribbean offers conditions for every rider- surf the waves in Barbados, improve your freestyle in Venezuela or enjoy a little bit of everything on a kite cruise.



Freeride and Freestyle:


Kitesurfing Caribbean flat waters- there are so many places to choose from! Los Roques, Venezuela is one of the best. It is made up of 40 tiny islands offering endless kite spots with butter flat, crystal clear water. The best wind comes to late December-June though it is kiteable the whole year. The wind blows offshore the north coast of Aruba creating amazing flat water conditions for freestyle and freeriding. The wind blows the entire year though May-September are the most consistent months.


Other awesome flat water spots include: Cabarete, Union Island, St Lucia, Martinique, St Martin, Cabo de Vela and Punta Gallinas (Columbia), Turks and Caicos Islands, La Ventana Mexico, Bonaire, El Cuyo Mexico






For the Surfer:


Waves, waves, waves. For the surfers looking for the perfect wind/wave combination, the Caribbean has a few great options.


Santa Veronica and St Martin are two of the best wave spots in the Caribbean. Galleon Bay, on the east side of St Martin offers amazing wave riding conditions on an outer reef break bringing 1-3m waves. The best winds are November-March and again June-September. Santa Verónica offers excellent conditions for wave riding..The trade wind direction is predominantly side/side-on ranging between 25 to 35 knots from December to the end of April, and 15 to 25 knots from May to July


Other wave spots include: Cabarete, Aruba (South coast), Barbados, Tulum Mexico



For the Adventurer:


The best kite holidays are always the ones which offer more adventure and activities than just kiting. The Caribbean is known for its laid-back lifestyle, drinking rum on the beach and soaking up the sunshine but for some of us, chilling all day just doesn’t cut it!


The Cabarete Dominican Republic is the adventure capital of the Caribbean. The best months for wind are January-March and June-August, the no-wind activities are endless. You can train for the circus, float down the river in a tube, cliff jump down 27 waterfalls, go mountain biking, learn to scuba dive and so much more. There is not stop nightlife for the partiers and kite conditions for every style.


Bonaire is another amazing adventure destination with great wind almost all year. Visit Bonaires highest peak, Brandaris, or The Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary – one of only four areas in the world where Flamingos breed. Rent a car and go sightseeing to The Washington Slagbaai National Park, the Salt Pans or downtown Bonaire’s capital city, Kralendijk. Don’t miss out on the amazing coral reefs home to over 350 species of fish. You don’t have to be a diver to enjoy these amazing sites as some of the reefs are only a few meters from the surface easily accessible by snorkeling.


Other adventure destinations include: the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Aruba, Cayman Islands, Haiti



kitesurfing the caribbean


For Beginners


The Caribbean is an amazing place to learn kiteboarding, with warm water often without swell or a strong current. It’s best to learn without too many kiters on the water so early and late season are the best time to go. This will ensure you are comfortable and not worrying about other kites. Certified and experienced instructors can be found at most windy destinations in the Caribbean who will keep your lessons safe and help you progress at your own pace. Flatwater spots are the easiest for learning, though learning in waves can boost your skills and confidence when heading to new spots.


Great spots for learning include: Los Roques Venezuela, La Ventana, St Martin, Cartagena Colombia, Turks and Caicos, Aruba



Cruise and Get a Little Bit of Everything:


If you are interested in a little bit of everything- surfing some waves, practicing your freestyle, adventuring on the islands and relaxing in the sun with a rum and coke, then a Caribbean Kite Cruise is definitely for you!


Cruises are offered by many different crews based out of different Caribbean Islands including the British Virgin Islands, the Grenadines, St Martin, Los Roques and more. A kite cruise is one of the best ways to experience the Caribbean islands. You will live aboard a sailing yacht while traveling from island to island with an experienced captain who will show you the best untouched and uncrowded spots- some accessible only by boat. You will get the opportunity to explore different islands, kite in incredible spots including waves and flat water as well as unlimited downwinders. Relax aboard the yacht anytime you want or snorkel, SUP or swim before the wind starts.


Cruises often offer lessons and boat launches from their onboard instructor where others are for independent riders only. This type of holiday is suitable for everyone.


In general, the weather in the Caribbean is hot and sunny around 24-30 degrees the whole year. The water stays warm meaning no wetsuit is needed, though a rash guard is recommended for sun protection. The islands have a friendly, laid-back atmosphere each with its own culture.


The Caribbean is an amazing getaway destination and wind can be found on one island or another any time of the year. The sun is always shining and the water is always warm. Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday, a non-stop kite vacation or a holiday the whole family can enjoy, the Caribbean has something for you!




Kitesurfing Vacations in the Caribbean

When the winter months roll around and it’s cold, dark and miserable in the Northern hemisphere, the trade winds are turning on in the Caribbean. The winter is a popular time for kitesurfing vacations in the Caribbean but since the islands spread over a large area, the kiteboarding seasons vary making it possible to find wind almost any time of year on one island or another.


There are many ways to enjoy a kitesurfing vacation depending on your preferences and it’s important to look into each one to make the most of your time off. Here are a few different options:



Kitesurfing Vacations in the Caribbean

Kite cruise catamarans



Join a Kite Cruise


A kite cruise as a great way to enjoy a little bit of everything and having a stress free, relaxing holiday. Once you are onboard ship, the captain and crew take control while you sit back and enjoy the ride. They will take you to a variety of kite spots away from the crowds where you will likely experience all riding conditions depending on the preference of the guests onboard- waves, flat water, chop and endless downwinders.


Each night the yacht is anchored in a calm bay where you will have the chance to visit the islands and explore the local culture, cuisine, and nightlife.


Most charters have an onboard chef to prepare your meals so there are no additional expenses apart from what you spend when you visit the islands. No wind activities include SUP, snorkeling, sunbathing on deck, exploring the islands and sailing. It is also possible to go on a one or today kite cruise as a trip from a central location.


Kite cruises in the Caribbean: The Grenadines, St Martin, British Virgin Islands, Antigua & Barbuda, Union Island


If cruising is your style then you may want to go on kitesurfing with a Catamaran through the Caribbean



Join a Kite Safari


Living on a boat for a week is not for everyone but joining a kite safari (travel by car) is a great alternative. Safaris generally start in on location and finish in another, a great opportunity to not only kite, but also travel and explore.


Kite safaris in the Caribbean: Colombia (north coast)






Join a Kite Camp


Kitesurf camps generally include accommodation and a set amount of lesson hours, some may also include meals though that is important to check before booking. Camps are available for any level of rider beginner-advanced. This is the best way to progress in kiteboarding quickly because you get to practice day after day. After a week long kite camp it is likely that a beginner can become an independent rider.


Kite camps are also great for already independent kitesurfers. Taking lessons and learning new things is a great way to keep kiteboarding fun. Learn to ride strapless, to foil or some new tricks, you can always progress your riding!



Book Independent Accommodation


For those who like to go with the flow and not plan their whole trip in advance, booking independent accommodation can be the best option. Choose a beach from studio or hotel room and kite from your front yard. You can kite all day, relax all day, take lessons if you please or explore the island. The trip is yours.


The Caribbean is an awesome kitesurfing destination, especially to escape the cold winters. The weather is hot and sunny, the water is warm and the wind is always blowing.





Kitesurfing Through the Caribbean on a Catamaran

Why choose a kite cruise?


Better question, why not choose a kite cruise? Kite cruises are the ultimate kiteboarding holiday. Relax aboard a yacht in the hot, sunny and nicely windy Caribbean Sea sailing from kite spot to kite spot with not a worry in the world. Enjoy:



Uncrowded kite spots


Travelling by boat allows you to reach places that are not accessible by land leaving them untouched and uncrowded. Your captain and crew know their area inside and out and can take you the best spots depending on the wind direction, strength and riding style preference of their guests.



catamaran kitesurfing trips and packages



Kite a variety of conditions


The conditions vary from location to location. Likely the captain and crew know where to find the best wave spots and flat water spots depending on the preference of the guests onboard.



Downwind for days


Since there is no beach to get back to, some cruises allow you to downwind with the catamaran as it sails from destination to destination. Downwinders are the best progression sessions, where you can ride anywhere you want carefree! They are the perfect opportunity for learning new tricks or to ride strapless or a new style of riding without the worry of riding back upwind to where you started.



Explore endless spots


Sit back, relax and enjoy the view as let your captain and crew sail you from spot to spot. The yachts are spacious with lots of room for sunbathing, relaxing and moving around the cabin while the yacht sails. You can reach a multitude of incredible spots for kiteboarding in a short amount of time.






Life on Board


MEALS: Depending on the charter and package you book meals are all inclusive with a chef on board. Others offer certain meals such as breakfast, lunch, and snacks, but ask you to purchase your dinner on land in Anchorage. These things are important to check when booking a cruise.


ANCHORAGES: During anchorages is your time to explore the islands and enjoy the local culture, cuisin, and nightlife. Anchorages are in protected areas away from ocean swell and can be close enough to swim to the beach. Kites can be launched from the catamaran or the beach.



Where cruises are offered in the Caribbean:


The Grenadines, St Martin, British Virgin Islands, Antigua & Barbuda, Union Island.



Alternative travel and kite options


Living aboard a boat with the same people for a week at a time is not a vacation for everyone. A kite safari is a great alternative as you still get the chance to travel around and explore new spots without having to live on a boat. The north coast of Colombia is an awesome place to join a kite safari because there are a ton of great spots not far from each other. There is also an opportunity for many downwinders (best for wave riding).


Traveling through the Caribbean on a kitesurfing catamaran is a trip that will last in your memories forever. Gather a group of friends to charter a private boat or go alone and make new friends onboard.





Choosing a Kitesurfing School in the Caribbean

Since there are so many of them, choosing a kitesurfing school in the Caribbean can be a hard decision. In order to choose a place to learn you first need to decide what sort of holiday you are looking for and what you would like to learn. Do you want to relax with a pina colada on the beach after kitesurfing or do you want to have a non-stop action holiday? Are you traveling alone or with friends? Are you a beginner or are you an advanced rider?



Relaxing beach holiday


No matter which kitesurfing school in the Caribbean you choose, relaxing on the beach after a kite session is always an option. Some kite spots are secluded from the “luxury” Caribbean, so if you are interested in beachfront pampering to be sure to research the exact kite location before booking your vacation.



kitesurfing schools in the caribbean

Kiteboarding in Orient Bay




Non-stop action


If you’re one of those that just can’t sit still, you’ll want to choose a location which offers other activities outside of kiteboarding. Cabarete, Dominican Republic is full of adventure and outdoor activities including waterfall jumping, circus training, surfing, diving, snorkeling, mountain biking and great nightlife. There are numerous schools scattered along kite beach with local and international instructors.


Joining a kite cruise with an onboard instructor would be an awesome combination of learning and adventure. You will get the chance to explore different islands, kite a lot, snorkel, dive, party at night and relax on board.



For advanced riders


In kiteboarding, there is always something new to learn and there are a ton of awesome instructors out there who will help you push your limits and progress to the next level. Some kitesurfing schools cater to only beginners, but as the sport grows more and more schools are offering advanced lessons. Learn to ride strapless, surf the waves, ride a foil or advance your freestyle technique.


Camps and safaris are great learning opportunities for advanced riders. Colombia offers some of the best wave riding conditions in the Caribbean, this is a great place to join a wave camp whether you are new to wave riding or already experienced.






Travelling solo?


Kitesurfing is a great sport for solo travelers because the community is so welcoming and friendly. Almost any destination is suitable if you are going solo, though some of the more secluded areas will have less people to interact with. Cruises, camps, and safaris are perfect for meeting new people as well as destinations with amazing nightlife such as Cabarete, Barbados or the BVIs.


Before choosing a kitesurfing school in the Caribbean, be sure to decide what kind of holiday you would like to have. Once you have found a suitable destination you can then choose a school in the area. As a beginner flat waters are the easiest learning conditions, though don’t base your decision on that because learning in chop/waves is entirely possible too.




Where to Learn Kitesurfing in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is known for its laid-back atmosphere, warm weather and delicious rum punch making the Caribbean a popular vacation destination for tourists around the world. The trade winds blow strong and consistent through the Caribbean Islands predominantly in the winter and summer months making it also an amazing kiteboarding destination. On some islands such as Aruba and Venezuela, the wind is kiteable through the entire year.


The water is warm, the air is hot and the wind is consistently making the islands some of the best and most enjoyable for learning. Here is a list of great destinations in the Caribbean for learning:



St Martin


St Martin is an awesome place to learn whether you are an expert looking to advance your skills or a brand new rider. There is flat water which is best for learning as well as learning new tricks, a reef break which offers an amazing opportunity to learn to ride a surfboard in the waves and deep water for foil lessons. The wind blows an average of 15 knots year round, perfect for learning!







Cartagena, Colombia


Cartagena is on the north coast of Colombia with strong onshore and crosses onshore winds every day like clockwork. The best season is from mid-December to end of April, this wind still blows the rest of the year but not as consistently. This place is so great for learning because the water is shallow (but deep enough for safe learning conditions) and flat with wide open spaces with no obstacles such as swimmers, rocks or corals.




La Ventana, Mexico


La Ventana on the south-east tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. The best time of year to visit is October-April when the winds blow from the North. The water is flat with small chop- easy conditions for learning. The winds blow side onshore and since the bay is L-shaped, the bottom of the bay acts as a big safety net and you will always end up on the beach and not out to sea. The water is colder here so a thin 3/2mm wetsuit is recommended.




Los Roques, Venezuela


Los Roques is a unique location because it is located outside the Caribbean hurricane zone, meaning the kite season is almost the entire year. The best and windiest months are late December-June. The Roques are a group of small islands creating a kitesurfing paradise with wide open spaces and flat water which make it so great for beginners.



kiteboarding packages caribbean

Learning to jump strapless


Other Islands:


The above destinations mentioned are not the only places to learn in the Caribbean. Lessons are available at almost any kiteboarding spot including Dominican Republic, Aruba, British Virgin Islands, Union Island, Turks and Caicos, Cayman Islands, The Grenadines, Bonaire and Cuba.


Click here for more information about kiteboarding in the Caribbean




When is the best time to go?


As a beginner, uncrowded areas are the best and most comfortable areas for learning. Early and late season are the least crowded times for tourists and generally still have good wind days. The winds may be lighter in the early and late season and with lighter wind brings less choppy waters. Though these times make learning a more comfortable experience, learning with an instructor in strong winds and crowded areas can help you become a more confident rider in varying conditions. There are pros and cons of learning in early/late season or in peak season though no matter what you choose you will have the time of your life.


As far as learning conditions go, the Caribbean has some of the best. Hot, sunny weather and warm, flat waters. Learn kitesurfing Caribbean style!


If you are interested in learning the art of kiteboarding then you can go directly to a kitesurf school in the Caribbean and get taught the ropes.